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  Our Services are second to none - servicing the Sydney metro area
  Below is a list of our services.  


General pool maintenance is all about keeping the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly. Regular maintenance means caring for your swimming pool. 

Maintenance also includes regular cleaning. All pools require cleaning to remove the leaves, dirt and other grotty things that they collect. Pool cleaning is all about physically doing these tasks. A combined regular general pool maintenance and cleaning service will ensure your swimming pool is always looking at its very best. 

We specialise in acid wash and pressure wash cleaning if your pool needs a real fresh look and it is not in need of renovation. Look at our projects for images of our work for acid and pressure wash before and after.

  POOL REPAIRS - Sydney   

Does your pool need some repairs done without having to go through the huge cost of a full renovation? It may be repairs to cracked coping, flacking pebblecrete, cracked pipes, cracked tiles and the like. 

We specialise on all types of pool repairs including repairs to filter rooms, pumps, etc. Look at our projects for images of our work for pool and equipment repairs before and after.


Is your pool looking like it is due for an interior surface reno? and your budget is not quite there to give your pool a face-lift. The good news is that pool painting is the most economical form of interior surface reno and at the same time looking just great, provided the painting is done right. With a wide range of colours to choose from, painting creates a perfect opportunity to modernise your pool at a budget that is affordable.

We specialise in Pool Painting reno. Look at our projects for images of our work for pool painting reno before and after.

  If you require any of the above pool services or any other pool services not specifically listed above, contact or call us for a chat on 0420 316 896